Take Back Control

We all know how difficult it is to stay on track with fitness goals, thoughtful eating habits and mindful living. Even with an ironclad will to stick with a plan, your lifestyle may not be able to fix underlying health conditions impeding your everyday happiness. The content I post on FREEFORMU is guided by the following tenants:


Holistic Remedies

When Western medicine fails to provide a solution or offers one that is invasive, costly, or without any promised results, we turn to Eastern medicine (or what some refer to as alternative medicine). This form of medicine has largely been rejected in the Western world, not due to its lack of efficacy, but because it’s often published as a sort of hocus pocus. I advocate for natural, earth-borne products distilled into a consumable form.


Mindful Living

Meditation is but one way to help reduce anxiety and live a more emotionally grounded life. Is it mandatory? Absolutely not. For those looking to find balance within their life, they often find the many sources promoting meditation as the holy grail of mental health solutions. However, not everyone can or will be able to “get into” meditation or yoga — or a plant-based life style for that matter. The inability to conform to any one of these lifestyles can feel like just another failure and add even more undue anxiety to our lives. I advocate for choices that fit your current lifestyle — not disrupt it. If meditation is not for you, that’s okay. A simple key to happiness is honesty with oneself. It is our take-it-or-leave-it policy that you follow what speaks to you and to feel comfortable to both explore and reject what does not suit you.


Mainstream Remedies

No life-saving measures, including vaccinations, should be forgone in the name of healthy living. There are countless man-made substances, including pharmacological agents, that are important in treating life-threatening diseases and chronic conditions. Nevertheless, Western medicine does not have all of the solutions to our problems. I advocate for and publish information about Western medicine when such information may be helpful on your path to wellness or important when considering mixing Western and Eastern solutions that may have important and threatening interactions. I back common sense decision-making when it comes to your health and lifestyle decisions.


Wealth and Financial Health

Living with school debt, house debt, or plain-old “I think I bought too many shoes” debt — it all feels relatively the same. There’s no magic wand, no refinance offer to bail us out, and no epic side hustle that magically puts extra zeros in our bank account. This is the real, nitty-gritty reality of living with debt — and no amount of ramen is going to make you feel better about it. Wealth and financial health, at FREEFORMU, is not the fluffy do-gooder advice you’ll find in a book or other blogs. It’s the “I’m craving sushi and, guess what, life is too short so I’m getting sushi” mentality. It’s the “those shoes won’t be here next season, I need a vacation, my car just got a flat tire” down-to-earth, matter-of-fact way of living with, managing, and combatting debt in a world where we don’t just want our cake — we want to eat it too. Simply real advice for real people living on a shoestring.


My Promise to You

You won’t find any slim teas or fad diets promoted on FREEFORMU. I am committed to providing articles that are backed by personal results, science and medicine. As a reader, follower, and listener you’re a part of my tribe. If I wouldn’t recommend or share it with my family, I won’t recommend or share it with you. Simple as that.