Take Control

Pursuing your professional dream of creating and running a business is terrifying. Many individuals with amazing ideas never even take the first step because this fear can be so paralyzing. For others, they take the leap with full knowledge that there may not be a safety net to catch their fall. There’s no right or wrong way to cut the cord and go out on your own. Taking control of your professional life and pursuing your passion is the first step. With FreeformU as your cheerleader, mentor, and support system, here are our guiding principals:


Finding Freedom

There’s a reason non-fiction bestsellers that promote 5-day work weeks and social media influencers that claim they’re getting paid to travel are so popular. We all want the freedom to live a life without borders, without financial constraints, and without the drudgery we associate with “working for the man”. Freedom is what drives us to embrace entrepreneurialism and create something we can call our own. It’s the reason we decide to take risks, invest our life savings, and take failure with the grain of salt. It’s the dream of being your own boss that lights a fire within all of us and the reason FreeformU was created. Freedom can also mean reaching your professional goals within a company — becoming the most valued employee. Finding your freedom is where X marks the spot, let FreeformU be your dotted line that leads the way.


Creating an Empire

FreeformU believes it’s not just possible to start a business or build a dream book of business, but with the right planning, tools and support system, each individual is capable of building an empire. After all, we live in the fabulous U. S. of A. The entire premise of our country, and one of the greatest reasons for widespread immigration, is the idea that in America anything is possible. At FreeformU we not only ascribe to this American idealism, but we also embrace it through well-designed plans implemented and executed with thoughtful timing. We aim to fast-track your goals and help you reach and stay on track with your personal, financial and professional goals — whatever they may be.


Wealth and Financial Health

Living with school debt, house debt, or plain-old “I think I bought too many shoes” debt — it all feels relatively the same. There’s no magic wand, no refinance offer to bail us out, and no epic side hustle that magically puts extra zeros in our bank account. This is the real, nitty-gritty reality of living with debt — and no amount of ramen is going to make you feel better about it. Wealth and financial health go hand-in-hand when creating and running a business. This especially true if you’re starting as a solo-entrepreneur. Not looking to run a business? Many of us strive to be rainmakers raking in clients, closing sales, and managing long-term relationships. Learning to create wealth and maintain financial health is just as imperative to keeping your aligned with your long-term professional goals.